Monday, November 8, 2010

Build a blog: Solitary Confinement

I wrote a whole long post about consciousness and slavery to desire, but was not particularly fond of it so I have opted for this short and sweet post in which YOU are the meat of the blog. The interpretation of this one is up to you.

Solitary confinement is one of the oldest and most enduring prison practices. Bar the death penalty, it is also the most extreme penalty which can legally be imposed on prisoners. He is almost completely dependent on prison staff – even more than is usual in the prison setting – for the provision of all his basic needs, and his few movements are tightly controlled and closely observed. Social well-being is seen by the World Health Organisation as integral to its definition of ‘health’. Solitary confinement removes the individual from the company of others and deprives him or her of most forms of meaningful and sympathetic social interaction, as well as physical contact. Even when isolated prisoners do not show any obvious symptoms, upon release from isolation they can become uncomfortable in social situations and avoid them, with negative consequences for subsequent social functioning in both the prison community and the outside community, again undermining the likelihood of successful resettlement.

Reflect on that a bit, and take your reflection beyond the confines of state prison. What happens when somebody wants social contact and can't get it, whether it be rejection, physical or psychological restraints? What happens when someone becomes completely dependent on the enslaver, I mean staff for the most basic of needs?

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